Avaya Voip

Are you tired of traditional way of calling to customers overseas and in remote locations? It’s time to change your way by switching to BThrust’s Avaya VoIP Solutions. When it comes to look for best VoIP solutions for small or medium size companies, Avaya VoIP is first choice for many such business enterprises. Avaya has been very effective and very much reliable when it comes to delivering quality VoIP solutions. Some advantages of using Avaya VoIP: -

  • Very useful, effective and reliable to small sized enterprise
  • Much competitive than competitors
  • Allow simple conference bridging
  • Customized service packages at reasonable prices
  • Unlike traditional PBX, allows business mobility

We have been delivering VoIP solution from small to medium size enterprises, so from our rich experience we understand kind of services and customizations you are looking for. If your business involves too much of calling, video conferencing, data sharing or messaging then you are just a call away from BThrust Avaya VoIP solutions. There has been tradeoff between whether to use PBX lines or VoIP solutions. VoIP is always easy to manage and there is no additional cost of adding more users till your full capacity is utilized, but not reliable when it comes to make emergency call so it is suggested to have few lines of PBX if you are using VoIP.