Virtualization and Consolidation Services

Most of the times, we use server which are generally underutilized to its capacity. Sometimes companies use more than one server at different locations, and underutilized servers often consume more resources than it should have been which is never justified and this situation is called “server sprawl”. To reduce number of server locations and to make maximum usage of server, this process is called consolidation of Server. There are basically three types of consolidation: -

  • Centralized Consolidation: Here, instead of multiple locations all servers are moved to one centralized location.
  • Physical Consolidation: In this, work load of different servers is merged in to fewer servers.
  • Operational Consolidation: In this we use partitioning of server to be used as many virtual servers, in single machine. This is also called virtualization.

As virtualization doesn’t involve many computers or servers but enable consolidation of many servers into one, thus help improve energy consumption.

Benefits of Virtualization and Consolidation: -

  • Reduced IT staff costs
  • Less number of servers means less hardware so there is cost saving
  • Optimizing servers also means lesser space utilization
  • Less number of servers means lesser power consumption
  • With fewer application to support server, IT person shall be able to give better service
  • Since number of hardware are reduced so they are easy to maintain, take backup and restore