Email Migration Services

As the name suggests Email Integration, is integration of two or more emails where source of incoming email could be anything but receiver will be able to receive all without logging into all respective emails but one. For example, if you are receiving leads/enquiries/normal emails into different emails, all can be received to one email and can be replied as well.

BThrust Email Integration Services help speed up communication. Since there is no lag in communication, response time improves, as response time improves productivity of employees improves to great extent and company benefits as a whole. Email Integration as a Service with BThrust means much more than words Email Integration.

At BThrust we also provide Email Migration Service. Email Migration is a process where email messages from one email source or multiple email sources are migrated to other email. It is done in many scenarios as listed below: -

  • During Merger and Acquisitions of companies (Email Migration may be needed at one time only for all email accounts)
  • To consolidate multiple accounts to one where employee(s) exit from the company
  • To create backup of all important emails
  • To be intimidated about emails of employees’ who are on leave etc

We have devised Email Migration Tool to overcome all challenges as mentioned above smoothly. Our 24X7 BThrust Helpdesk staff is always available online to support you on any Email Integration or Migration related issues.