Office Setup & IT Relocation

As the companies are growing and technologies are emerging with time, need arises for switching to new IT systems. When companies are expanding, or relocating, the needs also arise for relocation of IT equipment(s) namely data servers, desktops etc. Managed IT Relocation or transportation of IT infrastructure is entirely different from normal transport and involves high risk as small delays can lead to great financial losses.

BThrust has managed many IT Relocations and helped customers to reach out to remote locations with ease and in time. BThrust Managed IT Relocation is one stop solution i.e. we do packing of IT equipment(s) at origin, transport it to destined location and unpack the equipment(s) at destination. We make sure your IT equipment(s) reach safely and that too on time and updates provided on whereabouts at any point, as we work closely with renowned logistics companies.