Data Protection & Recovery

Data Protection is one of such aspects that stand first in line when it comes to setting priorities in an organization. It’s such an aspect which should never be overlooked else the consequences can be pretty disastrous.

At Bthrust, we understand this thoroughly which is why we have been constantly able to assist our clients from all over the world with the most advanced and cost-effective Data Protection and Recovery solutions over the years.

Data loss is more prevalent in Email and web. We monitor the network egress points and endpoints to protect data sent over corporate email and web. We achieve it using 3 important techniques; DLP For Network, DLP For Endpoint and DLP For Mobile.

The DLP For Network monitors and protects data sent over SMTP/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS, IM and FTP. The DLP For Endpoint monitors and protects data sent from email clients and webmail. The DLP For Mobile monitors and protects data sent from iPads and iPhones.