PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, is type of telephony system where local calls are switched over data network within enterprise while also enabling users to share the same external phone lines. This helps eliminating requirement of additional lines for each user. The very main disadvantage of using VoIP is when there is power failure or your internet is down, you are left with no options of making calls, here PBX has upper hand, even in power failures, mostly telephone lines are working so calling never stops. PBX works on model of pay per capacity which means if you want to add additional lines you may add paying extra without compromising on call quality which is not the same case in VoIP, where if you reach your capacity, call quality may suffer. Below are few benefits PBX offer: -

  • There is no compromise on quality if we add additional lines
  • IT is not dependent on internet or power so much reliable in making calls
  • Call quality is much better than VoIP
  • For emergency calls PBX are much reliable over VoIP
  • PBX is much convenient for internal employees as just dialing extension help them to connect with each other

Even if you are using VoIP solutions its ideal to have few PBX lines as backup for any emergencies.