With growing Business enterprises’ needs and expectations with regards to ease with which they can call, conference call or share data with others who are placed at far distant locations there has been push in telephony related services. Telephony is the technology where we exchange voice, video, text message, email, and conference call, video conference call electronically between two or more than two parties placed distantly over telephone. IP telephony is far more advantageous than normal telephony has few advantages: -

  • Two or more persons can chat, call, conference or exchange data from any remote locations provided they all have internet access
  • It gives access to many features like caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail etc, without paying anything extra
  • Calling is much cheaper than normal telecom operator’s tariffs
  • With improvement in technologies, Internet Protocol Telephony is becoming famous and first choice for all corporate who are involved in vigorous calling round the clock all over the world

Telecom companies are also trying to enter into IP telephony services. We have been providing many telephony service solutions namely : -

  • Avaya VoIP
  • Avaya IP Telephony
  • Cisco IP Telephony
  • PBX