Cisco IP Telephony

Cisco has emerged as one of the most dominating player when it comes to IP Telephony solutions. Cisco is known for its quality IP hardware products and is most commonly referred when discussing IP Telephony solutions for small and large businesses. Cisco is generally suited for large businesses who can afford to employ quality IT staff to look after maintenance of communication network. Cisco IP Telephony solutions are thus expensive but are the most advanced and technically reliable. Cisco IP allow more than one way to stay connected with your customers where you can share voice, data or video in a very cost effective and easy manner.

When you are using IP Telephony solutions, it helps reduce cost to great extent. Instead of having face to face meetings, we are able to do conference call or video calls from any remote location to anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Since you have reduced travelling, it also saves your time and allows you to focus more on other important things.

Below are some benefits of using Cisco IP Telephony solutions: -

  • High definition video conferencing can be done
  • Multiple number of extensions can be used