Email Archiving Solutions

Most of the organization's need a increasing storage requirement when it comes to Email and usually, organizations go for setting up a mailbox quota for employees. However, this eventually increases the cost of Email management.

Also, that way the users end up creating PST or NSF files that subsequently force you to shift the storage to network drives, laptops and external hard drives that is pretty vulnerable to data loss and various other challenges.

So, what’s the ultimate solution? The answer is Email archiving with Symantec Enterprise Vault. It not only helps you break out of the quota frustrations but also, improves exchange, performance and scalability to a massive extent. Here are few of the other benefits that it offers:-

  • The cloud based Email archiving allows you to save and archive PST or NSF files
  • Helps you with faster and convenient Email migration by archiving old emails
  • Provides end user with access to archived emails while one is online, offline or even on mobile devices