Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise Mobility Solution is actually management of people, technology focused on mobile devices like mobiles phones, laptops, tablets, notebooks etc, wireless networks and all other mobile computing services for business use. The main objective of EMS is to how mobile IT can be integrated with various work processes to support workforce and also not compromising with security. With mobile technology, there has been growing concern of security related issues as there are more chances of mobile devices being stolen or lost compromising with all data on those devices. To overcome security concerns BThrust has come with Enterprise Mobility Solutions, which ensure safe system and prevent unauthorized access of corporate data when mobile devices are lost.

Communication certainly is one of the most powerful aspects for every business nowadays and it is hard to imagine an organization without proper ways to communication. In fact, organizations emphasize a lot upon this aspect these days and it tends to produce incredibly brilliant results as well. At Bthrust, we have the best Enterprise Mobility Solutions for every kind of organizations, be it large or small. With our cloud enabled social tools and predictive analytics, you can rest assured of an uninterrupted flow of work. Our secure wireless solution for BYOD devices and mobility communication by VOIP functions can largely help you relate to your customers as well as interact with your employees.

Why Enterprise Mobility?

  • Employees can work much faster, as they can work from anywhere with network connectivity
  • Since employee can work faster, it will boost response time and productivity or employee and company
  • Marketing and Sales persons are most out of office, so to revert important mails, messages of their esteem clients they need to have mobile devices with access to corporate business processes and applications
  • With corporate promoting work from home, it can’t be possible without enterprise mobility

Why choose our Mobility Solution?

If you are still wondering as to what is so special about our Mobility Solution, the following features should enlighten you.

  • Improves efficiency of the employees
  • Increases customers’ engagement
  • Operational cost is reduced
  • Offers a brilliant risk management
  • Securing the users with authentication solutions
  • Interfaces based in latest technology