Storage Consolidation Solutions

Storage Consolidation is actually a technique of centralizing data storage among multiple servers. If you are wondering as to how it can help the various organizations, it helps you access and store your data in the quickest possible time.

However, the primary objective is to have an excellent data backup. Besides, it helps you manage things much efficiently by its extremely simplified storage infrastructure which in turn helps you optimize your resource utilization to a massive extent.

Most importantly, it largely helps you reduce the operational cost. At Bthrust, we care to comprehend the requirements and objectives of your organization and offer you with the most cost effective storage consolidation solutions.

Architectures wise, the three commonly used storage consolidation solutions are network-attached storage (NAS), redundant array of independent disks (RAID) and the storage area network (SAN).


  • Reduces administrative expenses with centralized storage
  • IT operations are simplified to a large extent
  • Minimizes downtime with expansion of storage, performance and bandwidth
  • Ensures high level of data protection
  • Helps you use storage assets across multiple OS